NYBCe at the 2019 AABB Annual Meeting

This year, NYBC Enterprises is excited to showcase our Laboratory Services, Our Biotechnology Division—Comprehensive Cell Solutions (CCS) and its capabilities, along with our nationwide distribution of Blood Products.

About Us

Comprehensive Cell Solutions™

CCS is a fast growing biotechnology division within the New York Blood Center, that provides an unaffiliated, neutral platform for a wide range of clinical trial needs in the areas of regenerative medicine, cell therapies, transfusion medicine, and related endeavors.

Cell & Gene Therapy Starting Material

Collections Expertise

CCS Is Uniquely Qualified To Collect Cell & Gene Therapy Source Material

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A Guide to the CAR-T Cell Process

As research continues, the demand for CAR-T cell therapy will grow. There are clear advantages to partnering with Comprehensive Cell Solutions

Breaking News:

ExCellThera Enters into a Manufacturing and Collaboration Agreement With Comprehensive Cell Solutions

For clinical grade production of ExCellThera’s lead cell therapy product, ECT-001 technology

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Top 5 cGMP Facility Considerations

Cellular therapy products are increasingly manufactured using cGMP regulations in clean room facilities and creating a cGMP facility from scratch can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

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What You Need to Know About: Research Grade Leukapheresis Products

Through NYBC, Comprehensive Cell Solutions is able to provide a number of blood products from healthy blood donors for research use

Research News

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Research Institute- Where Scientists Save Lives by Studying Blood

NY1 News goes inside NYBC headquarters, where scientists carry out an important mission: researching treatments for diseases that affect blood.

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Customized from Bench to Bedside

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Core Facilities

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Mission and Foundation

Comprehensive Cell Solutions™ (CCS) leverages NYBC's strengths of innovation, flexibility, mobility, creativity, and quality.


Your Ideas, Our World-Class Expertise

At every step in the pipeline.


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