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Comprehensive Cell Solutions™

CCS is a fast growing biotechnology division within the New York Blood Center, that provides an unaffiliated, neutral platform for a wide range of clinical trial needs in the areas of regenerative medicine, cell therapies, transfusion medicine, and related endeavors.

Cell & Gene Therapy Starting Material

Collections Expertise

CCS Is Uniquely Qualified To Collect Cell & Gene Therapy Source Material

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A Guide to the CAR-T Cell Process

As research continues, the demand for CAR-T cell therapy will grow. There are clear advantages to partnering with Comprehensive Cell Solutions

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ExCellThera Enters into a Manufacturing and Collaboration Agreement With Comprehensive Cell Solutions

For clinical grade production of ExCellThera’s lead cell therapy product, ECT-001 technology

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Top 5 cGMP Facility Considerations

Cellular therapy products are increasingly manufactured using cGMP regulations in clean room facilities and creating a cGMP facility from scratch can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

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What You Need to Know About: Research Grade Leukapheresis Products

Through NYBC, Comprehensive Cell Solutions is able to provide a number of blood products from healthy blood donors for research use

Research News

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Research Institute- Where Scientists Save Lives by Studying Blood

NY1 News goes inside NYBC headquarters, where scientists carry out an important mission: researching treatments for diseases that affect blood.

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Mission and Foundation

Comprehensive Cell Solutions™ (CCS) leverages NYBC's strengths of innovation, flexibility, mobility, creativity, and quality.


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At every step in the pipeline.


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