Scientific Business Development

The Office of Scientific Business Development (OSBD) supports and develops business opportunities for Comprehensive Cell Solutions of NYBC (CCS) in the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapies.  CCS is providing solutions from preclinical research through development, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) including closed systems and clean room manufacturing, regulatory compliance and approval, etc. CCS achieves success through close collaboration with its partners employing transactional service, innovation partnership and joint venture business models. 

At the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute (LFKRI), a world-renowned Research Institute specializing in Transfusion Medicine, research labs are working to discover and develop innovative solutions to illnesses that affect patients worldwide. OSBD works directly with its scientists to commercialize their innovations.  It is CCS’ mission to enable commercialization that directly benefits patients and the public through new products or services. 

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Contact Information

For more information or partnership opportunities please contact:

Manlio Narici

Executive Director, Medical Programs and Service