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By definition, a center of excellence (COE) is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area. Be The Match BioTherapies recently named our very own New York Blood Center a Center of Excellence.  Our many years of best practices in medicine, science and quality contributes to this designation.

Being cited as a Center of Excellence fits right in with what New York Blood Center brings to Comprehensive Cell Solutions.  We provide cellular apheresis, with or without recruitment of donors, to companies, including Be The Match, that are working on cellular and gene therapies to treat a variety of diseases.  Companies may request collections from disease state patients and/or voluntary donors for products such as mononuclear cells or hemopoietic stem cells with donor stimulation using GCSF or Plerixafor. 

In addition to collections expertise, companies rely on Comprehensive Cell Solutions’ Laboratory of Cellular Therapy to process collections to the company’s specifications.  A benefit to working with New York Blood Center is that we have partners that are also designated as Be The Match BioTherapies Centers of Excellence in Minnesota and Rhode Island.  The truth is that a Center of Excellence is a partner that helps companies, academic organizations and scientists achieve their aims.  We are proud to carry the Center of Excellence title. 

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